Business Set Up


As one of the biggest reform in the process of setting up a Company in India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide Notification dated 1st May, 2015, has amended Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 and introduced a new system by virtue of which now the entrepreneur who intent to set up a company in India can do it by way of filing one single new e-form INC-29. The system has been designed in such a way that it will perform various pre-incorporation and post incorporation activities simultaneously which were otherwise to be completed in phased manner in the old system. The faster system of incorporation of the company in India effective from 01.05.2015 will allow the applicant to have the following activities completed in one go.


Accounts Outsourcing -- High return on the investment

The impact of knowing the importance of 'Accounting' and 'Financial Operations' hold much of importance in today's world of business, so is its need to be systematic for the strategic positioning of the business.


Look East: Discover India

With the economic slowdown and dwindling profit margins, most of the companies in the West have now adopted the policy to look east. And when looking east, India surely attracts your attention with its fast growing economy, second largest manpower in the world, a huge middle-class with ever-increasing purchasing power and most importantly democratic and forward-looking governments. Add to this, India’s strategic location and that gives a go-to solution for expansion needs. Thus, businesses find it cost effective to not only manufacture in India but also export from there.


Why should you get your start-up registered in India?

Congratulations for bringing your big idea to life and deciding to take the plunge to have your own start-up in India. And like every life should be registered, getting your start-up registered has its benefits. Let’s see what they are.