PKP Consult - How to set up a business in India

PKP Consult is all about doing business in India i.e. how to set up a company in India and grow up. We provide Business set up services to NRI and young entrepreneurs to start a new business in India easily.

India has emerged as a progressively attractive destination for doing business. A growing number of international businesses are setting up operations in India, giving a boost to foreign direct investment. However, the perils related with venturing into a new territory that has a complex accounting, tax and regulatory environment, are abundant. India is a land of a multitude of languages and vast cultural differences and these add to the complications and costs of doing business in India.

This is where PRAKASH K PRAKASH extends a helping hand for you.

You may be looking to expand your existing operations in the country or projectingan altogether new set up in India, we are there for you. We offer a one-stop solution and proficiently handhold investors through the niceties of the process. Accounting and tax are our forte but our real strength lies in the capability to be your business and commercial adviser and immaculately managing your complete entry plan for India as a comprehensive project. We work with you, hand in glove,starting from the conceptualization phase and ending up being your implementation partner in greenfield business set-ups,joint ventures and acquisitions.

We act as your gateway to the Indian markets. We assist you in:-

  • Liaising with a market research firm,
  • Pre-investment counselling on available opportunities
  • Validating the business plan
  • Selecting the right and suitable form of entity
  • Regulatory and tax advisory
  • Scouting for a location and help in land acquisition
  • Hiring the right people by getting you in touch with the right vendors

Once your business is established, we can even take care of your :-

  • Book-keeping
  • payroll
  • management reporting
  • company secretarial and compliance requirements
  • Company Law, FEMA, RBI compliances
  • VAT, Service Tax and Income Tax matters

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With our three decades of experience, we add value to your expansion plan by taking care of all these functions while you may focus on your core business.

We are flexible to the core and the solutions that we offer are customized for your needs, requirements and designed based on your company size. We are right by your side at any stage of your entry plan. Our vast local knowledge is always at your disposal and we design a package of services that is pertinent specifically to your business. Our vast experience and practical understanding of Indian business environment equip us to be your premier choice to help you efficaciously establish operations in India.

We believe in becoming one with your business and we think, we act and we establish on your behalf.